Updated WordPress Page Extractor Stack

A dynamic bridge between your WordPress post/pages and RapidWeaver is now available in this new stack element.

What does it do?

Simply, this new stack element will retrieve the raw HTML code generated inside your WordPress Post or Page (it is all the same to us ) and then have this displayed in your preferred RapidWeaver web site. A powerful connector for WordPress CMS to RapidWeaver without the usual pain involved in ‘hacking ’ a beautiful RapidWeaver Theme to fit.

You have a link to an image or a video file or you even added an iframe link to YouTube or Vimeo this data is all preserved when it is dynamically transferred to your Stacks Page.

All post editing is made in the WordPress post giving you or your clients remote editing functionality , saving you time re-publishing your RapidWeaver project whenever there are changes to be made.

Additional Bonus Features

In other words you do not need anything extra to do this !

Large Fluid (Responsive images) when adding the ‘large image type’ from the WordPress media library Responsive YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv Video iframes caching of WordPress post data to ensure your pages are not making any redundant requests

New Showcase Ultra Stack

Showcase Ultra is a highly-versatile, feature-rich stack that’s smarter, easier to use, and more flexible than ever.

It can be used as a simple, elegant slideshow to showcase your pictures or to create a complex product catalog or step-by-step tutorial complete with rich-content captions.

New Cyklone Links Stack

A beautiful and robust stack that generates powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques through link building and keyword generating. Use Cyklone Links to make ordinary tag clouds animated, inspiring for user interactivity, and all together an unforgettable display.

Whether for aesthetics or functionality, Cyklone Links is an excellent compliment for nearly every website experience.

Updated Letterpress Stack

Letterpress allows your to create beautifully styled headers and text for your website. There are 16 built-in themes to style your text with. These themes allow you to customize the size, coloring and more. You can also chose from over 20 web safe fonts. Obviously you can also create your own custom styling with more advanced settings.

New Slot Machine Stack

Slot Machine allows you to display random content onto your webpage. The random content is chosen on the server. This means that only the data for content chosen will be downloaded by the browser. This is makes browsing your site much faster.

New Binary Stack

This stack is for all the true geeks out there! Convert text into binary strings. You can’t get much geekier than that…!

New flexShow Stack

Fully customizable slideshow: from simple cycling images to full-fledged gallery with navigation, styled captions. etc. Our most flexible slideshow stack to date. Period.

Main features: easy to use; navigation on left, right or hidden; caption overlay, below image or hidden; full control over the style of almost every aspect of the gallery. It’s all there.

Updated Dyno Text Stack

Dyno Text stack, creates header text that fills the entire width of the container you place it inside.

It will also dynamically re-size in responsive themes. When the container gets narrower the text will automatically adjust its font size to maintain its 100% container width.

New TweetSnap Stack

TweetSnap is a modular suite of Stacks 2 elements used to create special elements that can be shared via twitter on your web site. TweetSnap utilizes the Twitter @Anywhere API framework. Twitter @Anywhere is an easy-to-deploy solution for bringing the Twitter communication platform to your site, including share buttons and hover-cards.

New Slinkee Stack

Slinkee is an accordion-like menu to help your visitors stay informed while bouncing about your site. One click reveals a sample of the linked page while the second click redirects the browser there.

Use Slinkee as a narrow, vertical menu in your sidebar or spread it out on your page for some fun, accordion-style hide and seek content.

With or without links, descriptions or drop down content, Slinkee will adapt accordingly—from a straight forward navigation menu to a basic accordion layout and everything in between—Slinkee can do it all.